2019 Election: Amaechi Says APC Needs God's Intervention

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...Celebrates 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court Judgement

The Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi has said wining the 2019 election by the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) will be by God's intervention through prayer and fasting by every stakeholder in the party.
He called on everyone in his political circle to rededicate themselves and restore their commitment to God ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The Minister's Media Aide, Mr. David Iyofor, in a statement said his boss  spoke while testifying of his ‘miraculous’ emergence as Governor of Rivers State in 2007 during a special thanksgiving service to mark the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court judgement that declared him Governor of Rivers State, held at the Abundant Life Evangelical Mission (ALEM) in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

Iyofor added that Amaechi used the occasion to re-lived his ordeal at the time and how God showed up for him when all odds were against him.

The statement read: "The truth is that we believed God. Some who didn't believe left us just as they are leaving now. God told me that what he will do in Rivers State will tingle the ears, and I believed. We were so broke, we could not pay legal fees or children's school fees. 
"My wife prayed every day and night. I was fasting  and praying for  3 months. I told God ‘I have a friend who has money, please make him remember me.’ I called my friend and he told me he has been looking for me. I told him I was in Ghana and he asked for my account... He sent me Two hundred million naira. This is just to tell you that I believed God and he answered me."

The minister according to the statement therefore wondered why many of his friends and political associates whom he helped one way or the other have turned on him, stressing that it is God’s way of creating a vacuum for the youths to take charge.

While advising the youths to be of help to people around them when they are in positions of power, he said: "We must all go back to God in faith and prayers. Those who want to leave can go. I have come to understand that God passes us through these challenges to prove himself. Now that they have left, for me, this is an opportunity  for the youths. It is your turn. You must ensure that we get to power for you to fill the vacuum left.

"I have sometimes asked God, ‘why do you use me to bless people and after blessing them, they run away.’ Count how many people in Rivers State politics today that I did not help somehow. I don't want to take the glory away from God. So for those who left, may God bless them.

I When you get your own appointment, also put somebody. Allow God to use you and leave the rest all up to him."

While turning spiritual on the 2019 elections, he said: "If we don't pray, 2019 will be very far from us. If we don't win 2019, it would be your fault, not anybody else’. We go to God because he answers. We pray, then go home and work. Back then, even in my fathers house in the village there was a prayer team...

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