Ben TV 2014 Award to Hold on December 11, 2014

Welcome ladies and gentlemen and thank you for coming today. We, (looking at the members of the panel) are very proud

to be part of history in the making.

We call it historic because Ben Tv is once again making history like it did, when it launched back then in the UK, by embarking on this journey of talent recognition with the creation of these awards.

World Pr Media is exceptionally excited to work with the Ben Tv brand on this great project and we can't wait for you guys out there to experience it.

  • Specifics of the awards e.g. categories/ superfan and Road to fame

Having conceptualized the idea of recognising great work through the creation of these awards, we had the next task of categorising the awards. Once we decided on the categories, we then decided to activate a concept that will make our nomination process different. We sent out the categories to several industry people who in turn had to fill out "their own nominees " for the said categories.


Once all entries were received, we short listed it using "a board of....... " and the rest is the official list as published on our event website.


Infact, by popular demand, we decided to include another category (the DJ of the Year Award) which was not included in the first release.


This awards ceremony promises to be nothing short of exciting and full of surprises. As part of the highlights, we are also launching a "RoadtoFame" concept. This concept is aimed at motivating talents to aspire to be great just as the celebrities being celebrated at the ceremony. And on that day itself, the finalist will get to perform on stage live to the world.

Alongside this is also the launch of the Nominees & Autograph party. We had explained this concept before, but for the benefit of our new guests I will shed more light.


We are basically giving some lucky fans "Superfans", an opportunity to mingle and party with the Nominees at the nominees party which we have decided to inter-launch with Autograph sessions. This way, the celebrities have a chance to give a little of their time to devoted fans under the ceremonious circumstances and sign autographs.


All these will be the signature style of the awards for years to come. We have the support of great brands like Chocolate City, who are our Associate Label Partner this year.


  • Our media partners

This year we are very proud to announce that we will be transmitting live from the Oriental Hotel on the 11th of December through the support of Ebony Life TV.


As well as the support from ELTV, we have also partnered with Prime Time Africa, Live Beats, Glam Squad, Cool Fm, Ray Power, City Fm, Hip Tv, BellaNaija and Exquisite Magazine to make sure that all our target audiences get the message we wish to deliver.


  • On the red carpet this year, we are going to be engaging our guests with several activities. These activities have been specially crafted to suit all. There is dancing for our entertainment enthusiasts, there is the Glam Lounge, which is sponsored by Zaron Hair and Make Up. The lounge will be on ground to cater to any beauty touch ups before the "paparazzi moment" and #selfies. They are also providing 100 goodies for the first 100 ladies to visit the lounge.


The red carpet will of course not be complete without the "Corporate Zone". This zone is going to be showcasing products from various brands which we are also very excited for you to see.



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