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Sharpedgenews.com is registered to undertake the business of online and traditional investigative journalism. Sharpedgenews.com is one of the titles of the flagship company, Reuben and Associates Inc. of United States of America, and Nigeria.

Our Mission is embedded in the name we choose to go by – sharpedgenews.com, flashing through and cutting open issues and intentions of individuals and institutions in the society. Sharpedgenews.com reflects life from all ramifications – politics, economy, crime, religion, sports, arts and culture, fashion and lifestyle, the rich, the poor, the stars and the ordinary, the sinners and the saints, warts and all and more importantly, dealing injurious blows against corrupt individuals, exposing deceptive antics by state officials, maintaining credible and ethical journalistic standard.

Reporters and editors at sharpedgenews.com are first and foremost professional journalists who prefer the World Wide Web as the first medium of choice while also believing in the continued relevance of traditional media such as print and electronic.

Sharpedgenews.com therefore is a paper of human voices, capturing the unpredictable and sometimes shocking rhythms of life and existence, the daily heartbeat of humanity in responsible and polished prose. Sharpedgenews.com believes in the use of a style journalism that transforms and reports that build.

Sharpedgenews.com is managed by a professionally competent and experienced team who have a combined cognate experience. The team includes:

1. Oladimeji Abitogun – Editor-in-Chief
2. Samuel Longe – Managing Editor
3. Taoree Alasu Abdulrasaq (Bureau Editor, South West) 
4. Elizabeth Abitogun – Director of Finance and Administration
5. Akinride John Fagbamigbe – Correspondent
6. Haruna Salami - Managing Editor Northern Operations
7. John Dania – Webmaster
8. Christopher I. Godwin - Executive Assistant to the Publisher
9. Olayinka Afolayan - Economy and Finance
10. Folabi Ogunleye - Research and Investigation

Since its debut, sharpedgenews.com has received critical acclaim from readers for the simple reason that it connects and empathizes with the people. With its refreshing editorial menu and reader-friendly webpage layouts, it is ensured of an ever growing traffic.

The overriding objective of our business development strategy is the creation of value for the advertiser. Every advertiser is essentially looking for appropriate medium that guarantees critical mass for the exposure of its goods and services. With our responsive and flexible advertising policies, sharpedgenews.com has positioned itself as one of such media.

Our dynamic advertising policies, guarantee the following:

* Good quality colour reproduction.
* Advertiser-friendly rates.
* Flexible advert sizes and positioning.
* Exposes clients’ market base to large domestic, international and online readership.
* Serves both big and small advertisers equally.

Our business development approach so far has been successful. Within the last few years we have been able to develop unique products that appeal to specific and defined target audience.

With sharpedgenews.com agencies and advertisers now have a greater opportunity to accurately direct their messages to our ever growing audience.


Nigerian Union of Journalists
National Association of Black Journalists
National Association of African Journalists

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